What finishes are included in your custom Faux Finish process?
• Glaze • Faux Stone • Tuscan • Venetian Plaster • Gilding • Sandstone • Woodgrain
• Marble • Vahallan Hand Painted Paper • Strie • and more

What does the faux finish process cost?
Since all Faux Studio faux finishes are custom, each project is quoted on an individual basis. Prices “per square foot” are generally used to estimate basic production paint finishes.

Many factors are taken into consideration. These include but are not limited to:

* Size of the project.
* Intricacy of the finish.
* The cost of the materials and/or equipment needed.
* The number of projects to be done at one time.
* The height of the walls.
* The number of “tricky” obstacles in the space.
* Time limits/restrictions/deadlines.
* Amount of project management involved.
* Condition of the jobsite.
* Amount of prep work required.

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