Do you provide sample boards?
Faux Studio has been creating innovative and custom finishes for over 11 years. During this time we have been documented by both photographs of completed projects and samples of each faux finish. The possibilities are endless. The portfolio contains over 300 faux finishes for you to experience. When we first meet, the color recipes are determined. Faux Studio utilizes a unique process to determine how layers of color will be applied to achieve the end result. You will visualize the process that will take place to complete your finish. Once the exact colors and technique is determined, it is sometimes recommended that the client be present again as the project is started to provide direction. That may include decisions about intensity of color, placement of designs or “movement” of your faux finish. Rarely, are these decisions be made from a sample board alone. In the event a sample board is required, the cost will be dependent upon the products needed and the time involved. That cost will be refunded when the project is complete.

Upon request, samples of the exact faux finishes can be created at no charge while the project is being completed. Since most faux finishes contain tremendous depth of color, it is a helpful tool for both the client and the interior designer to have for future reference as the final details of the project are being planned.

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