How do we determine which finish to utilize and where to put it? (Continued)

The current condition of the existing surfaces:

Sometimes, existing surfaces can influence the options that are available. These will be determined during the initial meeting. Specific requirements for preparation of walls or cabinetry before the faux finish application will be outlined in detail.

Your lifestyle and the amount of durability that will be required:
Some faux finishes are more durable than others. Some will be required to stand up to steam or intense light. Recommendations will be made based upon your lifestyle and the location of the finish that you are requesting. For example, a dining room is less susceptible to wear and tear than the children’s playroom. Kitchen cabinetry gets more use than the powder room cabinetry.

Your investment:
The goal is to provide you with the best design value for your dollar. Surprisingly, it is often exquisite faux finishes in smaller areas that will create more interest and provide a high level of sophistication to your total look. We are also willing to break down your project and plan for “phases” as time and funds allow. The options are endless and sometimes overwhelming.

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